Careforce Lifekeys

At Life Inverell we have a large range of recovery programs for people who may be struggling in life or who may want to better what they already have.

Our facilitators here at Life Inverell are trained through Careforce Lifekeys and are able to provide the following recovery programs:

Chemically SpeakingChemically Speaking

Chemically speaking is a single session video suitable for parent, schools and the chemically dependant person. It provides practical information to assist the individual and their family. It identifies the journey into addictions and outlines the steps to healing and change.

Door of Hope

An encouraging and supportive program for women survivors of sexual abuse. In an environment of love, acceptance and confidentiality, participants will begin to develop new strategies for living, and find healing from the struggles of life. It brings women out of emotional isolation and addresses the life struggles they face. The issues explored include powerlessness and empowerment, aspects of shame and guilt, sexual healing and healthy sexuality, being loved, restoration of trust and how to build positive relationships

Kids with Courage

Kids with Courage is a seven session program that aims to strengthen primary aged children (7-12) who are struggling with issues at school, at home or with peer relationships. The program is used as both prevention and intervention for children. It is a program that builds on the strengths of the child and develops emotional resilience. It has been developed by a team of child educators, psychologists and welfare workers and includes drama, puppetry, hands on activities and small group work.

Man to ManMan to Man

This program focuses on the man and his relationships. It common for men to feel isolated and unsupported, especially when our culture has trained guys that they should be able to keep it all together. Men today need help with hassles and hurts and an opportunity to find encouragement and support from other men

Parents with courage

Parents with Courage is a seven session program that aims to provide parents with greater self understanding as well as enhanced skills for parenting. This program is for families with older primary and high school aged children and seeks to equip parents as well as provide support for those who are currently facing challenges. The sessions are highly practical with insight and strategies for intact, blended and single parent families.

One of the goals of Parents with Courage is to provide parents with a flexible approach to parenting. This will enable parents to apply strategies in a way that will best fit their family environment and the particular needs of their child.

Search for IntimacySearch for Intimacy

Sex is a part of life. Managed rightly, it is a profound blessing. Managed poorly, it is a source of pain and distress. People need more than rules about sex; they need a theology of sex that empowers them to live successfully in a sex-crazy environment. This course is directed at the needs of the young singles, the parents trying to raise them and “single again” people who are not so young.

Search for Life

People need to feel valued, accepted and have a sense of belonging. Without it individuals resort to inadequate and destructive patterns of behaviour to address feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy and anxiety. This program identifies the cause of so many human tensions and introduces participants to the healing power of love, acceptance and peer support.

Valient ManValiant Man

This program deals with pressing issues that face men today such as intimacy, sexuality and fatherhood.This is a program run by Allen Meyer through Inverell Care. Allen is one of the foremost speakers in the world in this area – he is real, funny and totally honest.

Woman to WomanWoman to Woman

Every woman carries with her the strengths and weaknesses of her background. She carries the legacy of her past into all her relationships – family, business and church. This program will show participants how to free themselves from the past and focus on the future. It will provide strategies and skills needed to make positive and lasting changes in relationships

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