Counselling is a special confidential relationship which is built up between the counsellor and the client.  It is one that recognizes that the client brings to the counselling session knowledge, understanding, experience, and expertise.  Within the session the counsellor will endevour to see the issue clearly, to understand what it is like for the client, to clarify where the client would like to be, to explore how the client would like to function and together explore possible solutions.

People generally come to counselling when they are uncomfortable with their lives. Maybe they are uncomfortable about where they are heading, or perhaps they feel stuck when emotional issues do not seem to be resolving.

It could be that you would like help for self-confidence, or to increase communication skills.
You may be a parent that would like help for your child.
Maybe something has happened at work or you have experienced something traumatic.

Sometimes emotions are in turmoil.  An emotion or combination of emotions can be felt to such a degree they normal everyday tasks become very hard.  Depression, Anxiety, Distress, Loss, Confusion, Anger, Fear, Rejection, Hurt and Trauma can all get in the way of living.

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