Life Foundations


Vision statement:

To see every person in our community empowered by

building emotional, physical and spiritual health.

empowered = given skills, authority, opportunity, motivation,

be held responsible,  be held accountable for one’s own actions,

contributing to one’s own self competence and satisfaction.


Mission Statement:

Provide the direct relief of poverty, sickness, destitution,

suffering or misfortune of individuals or groups within our             community.

Render care, assistance, spiritual oversight and other

such help as deemed practical and advisable to people in need.

Bring care for the welfare of individuals or groups in our                         community.

Provide welfare and referral services to counsel and help

persons in need of welfare and counselling.

To share information, opportunity, and power with individuals so that

they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and

improve life skills and build increased emotional, physical and              spiritual health.

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Life Coaching



Careforce Lifekeys Programs


We offer training through various organistations for the following:

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